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Whiskey Horse was born in 2018 when Bill (the bass player) dreamed of being in a band that played the honky tonk country music he listened to as a kid, but in a high energy and rocked up style that incorporated elements of classic rock, cow punk, southern rock and country rock. He assembled a group of his friends, who incidentally were veterans of the New England music scene, to become Whiskey Horse.

Whiskey Horse quickly garnered a buzz after their debut show sold out! Since then, they have consistently played to larger and larger crowds throughout New England, thanks to their stellar musicianship, sweet harmonies, energetic performances and of course, their faithful following. They play a wide range of venues including music clubs, honky tonks, dive bars, festivals, fairs, corporate events, clubs, and private parties.

Whiskey Horse is not your typical country band. You won't hear a lot of twang in their music but you will hear classic and current country tunes with a rock twist that makes you want to  get up and dance while singing along. The band prides itself on playing and singing everything live. There is no lip syncing, pre-recorded music, or any other trickery. What you'll hear is a group of professional musicians who take pride in their performances and work very hard to provide the best possible experience for all. And we have a ton of fun doing it! Hope to see y'all on the trail.....

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bass, vocals


Bill first started playing the banjo because it  was the only instrument with strings...(more)

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lead vocals, acoustic guitar


Jon grew up in Philadelphia, listening to his dad’s Simon and Garfunkel and Roberta...


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guitar, vocals


Stu grew up in the Chicago area and his love for music started as early as...


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drums, vocals


Tod started playing drums at the age of 9 when his parents gave him his first drum set...(more)

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