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Stu Krupnick

guitar, vocals

Stu grew up in the Chicago area and his love for music started as early as he can remember, since his parents were always spinning records in the house.  At 10, he received his first cassettes of Aerosmith, Boston, and Kiss as a gift. He was hooked and wanted to play an instrument like his heroes.  With dreams of sitting behind a big drum kit, he began taking drum lessons.  But after three weeks, he was still doing exercises on a block of wood with cork on top. That wasn’t going to cut it for an impatient 11 year old.  So, he switched to guitar and never looked back.


Stu has been in numerous bands spanning many genres from original rock with Deep7, rock covers with Sneeky Pete, 70’s disco with Double Knit Dance Party, and now country with Whiskey Horse.


He plays vintage Hamer and Fender guitars through Mesa Boogie and Vox amps.

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